Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest 

My son is familiar with the animals that live in different biomes such as desert, forest, jungle, farm, etc. However, I would like to further expand his knowledge on rainforest as it has a great diversity of animals. 

This activity aims to identify the layers of the rainforest and the animals that live in each layer with a song. He will first classify the animals before labelling the different layers of the rainforest. 

Being an animal lover, he is excited when I showed him the activity. However, the difficulty increases as the activity goes along, he struggled. But eventually he was able to classify all the animals correctly. For example,  he was stumped when he noticed that there are only 2 slots in the emergent layer while there are 3 animals that fly (toucan, butterfly and eagle). After a discussion with him on which animals can fly and stay higher up, he was able to accurately say that the eagle and butterfly should be higher up.  I like that there is a level of difficulty as it requires him to think out loud and give reasons for his choices.  

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Do note that different sources give different classification. Some sources mentioned that the harpy eagles can be found in the canopy while some said they can be found in the emergent layer. I used the ones that seemed more logical and used in more sources. 

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We then read on this book, If I Ran the Rain Forest by Dr Seuss.  It tells all about the three different types of rainforests and interesting facts about what goes on in the rainforest. This book is very informational, but it reads like a fun story.It also talks briefly about how humans are affecting the ecosystem of a rainforest, how important it is and how we should protect it from destruction. 

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