Activities Using Daiso Products

There is something I need to confess that I am a Daiso shopaholic , I cannot resist to visit Daiso when i know that there is an outlet near me. Furthermore, to be able to buy something with just $2 , it is irresistible.

Daiso provides a wide variety of products ranging from household items , foods, toys , cosmetics and many more products which you can ever imagine. 

With the help of many mummies in our group, I have consolidated a list of our favorite educational buys :

1) White board markers

The design for these markers are perfect for children as they are slim and sleek hence easier for children to hold.  One packet consists of five colours and is perfect for drawing , doodling or writing activities.

Whiteboard Markers

2) Stickers Books

Daiso carry different themes of stickers books such as ocean , zoo , transportation , etc . They are great for keeping our little ones occupied (while practicing on their fine motors skills )  when we are dinning outside while waiting for our food to be served.

Rosa_Stickers Book Rosa_Stickers Book-1
Rosa_Stickers Book-2 Rosa_Stickers Book-3

These stickers books also make good birthday goodies bag gift too ! They are usually place near the cashier area so do keep a look out for them.

Sticker Books

3) Wooden blocks

These wooden blocks are very versatile , with a little creativity and you can discover many different ways of play.

(a) Olliblocks

Print those images on self-adhesive stickers paper , laminate and paste on 3 cm wooden blocks


For the printable , please click HERE

(b) Right brain training game

Mummy Jaclyn has created 3D block formation game for her boy. Her boy will replicate the design shown on the card using the blocks.

Jaclyn Tang_Blocks

For the printable, please click HERE

(c) DIY Story cubes

You can get your child involve in this DIY story cube to make the process more fun and meaningful.

  1. Prepare self-adhesive labels / post stick note
  2. Trim accordingly to fit the size of the block
  3. Invite your child to draw pictures of her choice
  4. paste it on the wooden blocks

Details on how to play the story cube can be found here :

(d) Puzzles


4) pom pom

You can find pom pom of different sizes and colours under crafts section in Daiso and there are numerous ways to use them

Daiso_Assorted Size Pom Pom


(a) colour matching game

Kerin Yuemei pom pom

(b) Practical life activities

Transferring of pom pom using tweezers or chopsticks which helps to promotes fine motor skills.

You can also include other activities such as transferring/scooping/slotting activities for toddlers.

Jocelyn Pua 01 Pom Pom

(c) painting with pom pom and clothespins

Children can explore making dots with these pom pom brushes

Fiona R C Pan_pom pom painting

(d) finger puppets

Make finger puppets using pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners

EL Wong_Monster Fingers Puppets

5) Country Flag Flash Cards

These are 54 country flags flash cards in this pack ( wallet size) with English and Japanese names of the country at the back of the cards.

This pack of flash cards is such a steal at a value of $2. They are located in the toys section.

Ferline Tan_Flags

6) DIY Light box (using LED push lights)

A real light box is pricey. Why not try to DIY one at just a fraction of the price ? The kids will have lot of hours of fun exploring and playing with it.

Version 1


  • 2  LED push light (daiso)
  • clear plastic box
  • Aluminium foil /baking paper/ tracing paper
lena 02 led

Mummy Lena uses a clear plastic box and line the bottom of the box with a layer of  aluminium foil /baking paper/ tracing paper to cut out the glare. She then inverted the box and place the two LED push light inside.

Her elder child ( age 5) enjoys forming words and arrange the letters in alphabetic order while her youngest child ( age 1.5 year old) enjoys touching the marbles and watching the light

The glass marble accents used in the picture can be purchased in Art Friend.

Lena Lee_lightbox

Version 2

Cai Xiushi_lightbox


  • Iphone ( which act as light) , you can replace with LED push light from Daiso
  • Ikea Trofast box , tall
  • Clear folders

Mummy Xiu Shi draw drawings on coloured folder and let her child explore on the DIY light box.

7) Wall Pocket Charts

Pocket wall charts that can be used for various home learning activities .

edmund 01 wallchart

(a) colour sorting

Colour felt are cut and slot into the pocket of the wall chart. The child will have to place the correct coloured counters into the corresponding slot with the correct colours.

Mandy Tan_Chart

(b) Initial sound sorting

Jaclyn Tang_Chart

(c) Flash card holder

Wang Yahui Regina‎_Chart

8) Felt

Assorted types of felt can be purchased at Daiso for DIY activities like no sew quiet book and play food and more.

Rosa so_quiet book Rosa so_quiet book_1
Rosa so_quiet book_2 Rosa so_quiet book_3
Vivian Wang_Ice cream Vivian Wang_Ice cream_1

9) Glass Pebbles

They can be found at the toys sections in daiso. They can be used as counters or tracing and patterning activities and many more.

Joleen Tan_ColouredPebbles

We hope you find this article useful and if you have any useful educational buys from Daiso that you would like to share with us.

Please leave us a comment or email us !

Content Source: Mummy Wang Yahui Regina, Mandy Tan, Jaclyn Tang, Rosa so, Joleen Tan, Lena Lee, Cai Xiu Shi, Vivian Wang, Ferline Tan, Jocelyn Pua, Jean.

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