Activities to Reinforce Letter Sound

 Activities to Reinforce Letter Sound

I introduced letter sound to my girl when she was about 2.5 years old. However, I was not able to get her attention to sit down and concentrate. I was frustrated when she refused to cooperate. It finally dawned on me that she was not ready. I do not want to be a high- pressure parent and of course not denying her a happy childhood. I want her to learn things at her own pace.

I decided to be more informal or rather creative in my teaching. I included fun activities to encourage learning.

  1.  Arts & crafts
  2. Sing phonic Songs
  3. Read alphabet book
  4. Learn through print around the house
  • I placed magnet letters on my fridge at her eye level. Being an inquisitive child, she asked me about it when she walked past. I would then sound the letters to her. At times, I would ask her instead.
  • I pasted alphabet flash cards on the door of her room and told her that her door needed a password to open.


Teaching was more formal when she was 3 years old when she attended kindergarten. My girl began to show great interest in learning by humming or singing the phonic song which she learnt in school. Knowing that she was ready, I set up a daily routine of 15-20 minutes to teach my girl while my supportive hubby took care of my youngest girl. Indeed, she was better able to grasp the concept and more open to acquire new skills.  

I adopted Zoo phonics teaching method by following the steps below.

1. Flashed 5 Zoo phonics flashcards and introduced her the sound and actions

Flash   Flash 1

2. Laid the cards on the floor and invited her to pick the correct cards I sounded. When she needed help, I would dropped hints, prompt her and encourage her to try.

After the ‘serious’ teaching, I played games to reinforce what she had learnt. These are the games which I want to share. It works well for my girl. These games incorporate movements which are not so boring for a child of her age.

1. Letter hopscotch


2. Snap the letter sound

Snap   Snap 1

3. Match the alphabet flashcards or sandpapers to magnetic or puzzle pieces

Match   Match 1

4. Sort the letter sound


The number of flashcards should increase gradually according to the child’s pace. My girl took 2 weeks to memorize the letter sound with daily practice. To wrap up the lesson, we ended it with phonics song (Jolly phonics or Ants on the apple). This way, the lesson was made more enjoyable and she could sing and dance to the rhythm. I allowed my girl to choose the song she wanted so that she would be more involved.

Do not apply academic pressure to a child. Play is the best context in which children learn!

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